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What Size Is The Flooring - Tiled?
Each tile is 1200mm x 1200mm 

What Is Seamless?
New acrylic sheeting comes in white or black and is brand new - this requires a pre existing dance floor to cover - carpet needs a sub floor

Do you offer stage wraps?
Yes we do in Fabric (Material) and Acrylic (Shinny and can match the floor)

Dry Ice & Fireworks Package - how does that work? Price Is Only When You Book The Dance Floor 
Our promo package includes 4 fireworks on entry,
4 fireworks on cake cutting and 4 fireworks on first dance with dry ice. $995 + GST when you book the dance floor.

10 Fireworks and Dry Ice For First Dance when booking the floor $895 + GST when you book the dance floor.

Is the cost different for fireworks and dry ice if we do not book a floor?
Yes - we see the distance of travel and quote accordingly 


Can we swop the fireworks around in the package?
Yes we can do 2 for cake cutting and 6 for first dance - as long as the total remains at 12 or 10 you can change around.

Can I add more fireworks? 

Can I get less in a package?
Yes and yes it will be cheaper

What is the cost to add initials? (Must have booked our floor) 
$495 + GST 

What Is the cost to add full names and dates? (Must have booked our floor) 
$895 + GST

Bridal Table - Tell me more?
The bridal table is wrapped in the same acrylic as the flooring - that way it matches the floor.
Optional: It can have a lip - we slightly push the bridal table back by 400mm to create space at the front to place candles. 
Our bridal tables come with a plain acrylic top or mirror top - mirror tops are available in mirror black, mirror gold, mirror white or just mirror

A matching cake table is included with the bridal table.

We ask how many people including the bride and groom will be seated at the table in order to quote.

What area's do we cover? 
All of NSW, Victoria and Queensland 

How are prices worked out?
Distance of travel, dates being available and what stock we have on those dates.


What happens if COVID doesn't allow us to get married?
We will move the dates to your new date not an issue at all

Once I check your dates and if it is available I need you to book right away?
If they hesitate - something is holding them back
If they say yes - they need to complete the booking form within 24 hours and place a deposit 

What happens after 24 hours and no booking form and deposit?
We automatically sell that date to the next couple 

Deposit - How does it work?
Minimum of 30% of the value is required within 24 hours 

When is the balance due?
One week prior to the date of the wedding

Payment Plans?
Yes they can pay it monthly till the date comes along

Credit Card Surcharge?
This charge comes from the bank and unfortunately it cannot be removed - 2.5% is charged for all credit card payments.

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