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Confetti &
Streamer Gun

We Give Your Guest Experience Unique

It very much depends on your venue as to how and when you can use confetti, but whether it's cutting the cake, a surprise for your first dance, or when your guests are partying, there's always an opportunity for a confetti moment.

Our confetti & c20 guns  are designed to create a memorable event for our couples and their guests.

The confetti shot can be ultra-quiet for romantic moments, provide a petal fall on a wedding stage, or bring Ibiza straight to your wedding reception, so whatever you choose we have the right equipment to create the perfect moment and happy to provide you with the best advice and affordable pricing.

Whether you want a celebratory 'Shot' of Confetti at your Ceremony, choose to dance under gently falling 'Butterflies' or party in a 'Confetti Storm' it's your wedding, and we can provide whatever Confetti effect you desire. The party doesn't stop after the first dance, let’s get the party started right with our C20 guns this definitely elevates any event - making it one to remember!

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