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Terms & Conditions

Owner: Dance Floor Hire Co (ABN: 58 133 294 489) ; Hirer ; You (Customer)



The hirer shall be responsible for any claims or demands which may be made by any person against the owner whether for damage to property, personal injury or for any cause what so ever and in any way arising out of the use of the equipment by the Hirer or any defect in the equipment or its being onsite. 


In the event that the products are returned in a dirty state then a cleaning fee may be charged to the client. 



Clients are reminded that on receiving equipment for hire, that the responsibility for the care and safety of these items is the responsibility of the client. Where a theft occurs while items are under the care and control of the hirer, then the obligation for replacement is the hirer’s. 



Where goods are not returned in part or full, the replacement charge will be made to the client. Even where replacement charge is made, the weekly hire will continue to be made until such time as the replacement costs are paid to the company. 



In the event a booking is cancelled by the Event Organiser/Requester, the following cancellation fees will apply; 

a) Cancellation of any booking will result in 100% cancellation fee incurred

b) Change of mind after product has been ordered and dates have been secured will result in loss of deposit 

c) Change of mind after quote has been accepted will result in loss of deposit
d) Items booked cannot be changed after the deposit has been made


Paperwork not returned back within 24 hours along with payment of deposit may result in unavailability of stock and order maybe changed. Paperwork that is incomplete may result in unavailability of stock. 


No responsibly will be taken when a third party ( wedding planners, event planners or any third party involved) ​is involved with the planning of the event. No responsibly taken for third party interaction. 

LAST MINUTE BOOKINGS - Definition of last minute booking is 3 months prior to the event date 
Last minute bookings taken are subject to a last minute surcharge. Lack of communication by the client or a delay in replying will results to stock availability changes therefore orders must be paid at the time of quote to secure the correct order. No responsibility taken for the  malfunction of equipment i.e.: fireworks, dry ice, confetti gun, decal, flooring due to last minute bookings.  


The hirer shall be responsible for any loss or damage to the equipment (including cases, boxes and packaging), whatsoever, except damage which is caused by reasonable wear and tear, it is agreed that on completion of the hire the whole of any part of the cost of replacement or repair to the equipment may be charged in addition to the hiring fee. Security remains the hirer’s responsibility until picked up by the owner. 



All confirmed bookings require a minimum of 25% deposit to be paid in order for stock to be held and to secure your dates which becomes non-refundable. Full payment is required to be paid the week prior to your event. If full payment hasn't been made the week prior to the event our team will not proceed with agreed work and the job will be treated as a cancellation and any deposits made will be non-refundable.


Should your wedding date change due to COVID then we will change to new dates as requested but cancellation will not be accepted.


Dance Floor Hire Co. will provide the agreed size that the client has ordered however in the circumstances we arrive at the venue and the size is changed due to space or at the request of the venue Dance Floor Hire Co. will not be responsible for the reduced dance floor size, as we are at the discretion of the venue's request and no refund will be issued. 


All promotions, including those found on our instagram and Facebook page, are subject to the following conditions.

  • Valid for the advertised month

  • A 50% deposit is required to qualify for the promotion

  • Seamless dance floors are excluded from all promotions



All giveaways, including those advertised on our instagram, Tik Tok and Facebook page (Social Media Platforms), are subject top the following conditions:

  • Vouchers won incur a minimum spend $5000 plus gst.

  • Styling vouchers can only be redeemed on our styling services and not dance floor hire. All styling services have a minimum spend of $5000 plus gst.

  • All styling vouchers won must be used on services for a wedding in Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane, or incur a travel fee.

  • Vouchers won are transferable - only within the first 3 months from announcement date.

  • Vouchers are valid to be used within 24 months from the date the winner is announced however it must be booked within 30 working days from date of announcement

  • For giveaways that award a styling voucher as well as any other non-styling voucher (Secondary Voucher), the Secondary Voucher only becomes valid and is redeemable after or at the same time that the styling voucher is redeemed and a deposit is made for the styling service. All deposits are non-refundable.

  • Winner must have not booked styling with another company to be eligible.

  • Regional area's incur a travel fee depending on the driving distance from our main offices in sydney, melbourne and brisbane CBD's.

  • Couple must have a confirmed wedding date and venue.  

  • Styling voucher needs to be spent on wedding day styling for the venue only.

  • Winner will be contacted by all social media platforms, they will have 24 hours to respond or a new winner will be selected. 

  • Winner must book the use of the vouchers (Secondary Voucher) within 30 working days or a new winner will be selected. 


All photographs/Video's captured during the event setup and proceedings are the exclusive property of the company (company being Dance Floor Hire Co.). We reserve the right to utilize these images for promotional purposes without seeking additional permissions.

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