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Wedding Fireworks & Cloud

Make It GRAND with our Pyrotechnic Display, we do it like no other.  Indoor wedding fireworks, engagement indoor fireworks, or even corporate fireworks for your next event.

Leave your guests talking about your event.
Our trained professionals know how to
LIGHT UP your night when it comes to Pyrotechnics. Our display is completely personalised to our clients requirements. We cover Pyrotechnics Sydney, Pyrotechnics Hunter Valley and New Castle, Pyrotechnics Melbourne, Pyrotechnics Gold Coast and Brisbane.

We know the stress in planning an event, so our customer service team gives you an experience like no other, just read our online reviews.  

Using a dry ice machine, we turn your dance floor into a layer of clouds, creating a first dance fit for the movies! 

If you’re looking for something to make your celebration different, this is it!

And if that isn't enough, speak to our team about our new range of Pyrotechnics and streamer gun special effects to add a BANG to your event. 

These packages can be purchased individually or as an add on to your flooring.  


Call our team today on 1300 003 040

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